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The Sakinah Solutions Story

Hi there. Thank you for stopping by Sakinah Solutions.

I am Vina McDermott, and I am the parent of an a special needs individual. I am also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Life Coach. Solutions Solutions Consulting, LLC was founded in 2019 when I discovered a great need in our community for a resource that provides meaningful services that support and foster the health, wellness, and happiness of families.

The main focus of Sakinah Solutions is to provide families the tools they need to become the best advocate for their special needs child, children with behavioral concerns, or to provide general parenting support and behavioral coaching.


If you are having difficulty navigating your child's Individualized Education Program, I can help! Become your child's best advocate. Know what to look for, what to ask, and be an active member of your child's IEP team!

If you struggle to manage your child's behavior, or need support through your journey as a special needs parent, Sakinah Solutions can help you. Contact me today!

Sakinah Solutions provides consultation services for families as well as for private and public schools.

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