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More on Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of cultivating conscious awareness of our thoughts, feelings and environment in every moment, without judging the experiences.

Mindfulness is a practical tool with which one can observe inner and outer experiences with compassion, acceptance, and neutrality. Consistent and regular meditation practices promote calmness, inner stability, as well as reduce impulsive, reactive behaviors. We learn to disentangle ourselves from the daily ebb and flow of emotions, anxiety, and stress and to connect with our lives and with others in a deeper and more profound manner.

The tendency to worry about several things at once interferes with our ability to focus on the present moment. As a result, we tend to function on autopilot and become ‘mindless’.

Mindfulness can be practiced anytime and anywhere.

The concept of mindfulness does not mean that one has to escape to the top of a mountain or sit in a cave in order to experience the benefits. You can practice mindfulness by simply bringing your awareness to the present moment. Most importantly, the practice of mindfulness helps us to nourish and reinforce our inner ability to restore wellbeing.

Muslims tend to shy away from the word “mindfulness” because it often has the connotation of being based on an eastern philosophy that does not blend with our beliefs. 

Alhamdulillah, mindfulness is actually built into our beliefs as Muslims. In fact, if we develop khushoo in our salat, we have reached the best of mindfulness! Our relationship with God!

Learn ways to develop mindfulness in your daily routine. 

                                   Individual Mindfulness training session:  $75.00

                             Mindfulness reboot session: $35.00

                              Group sessions are available as well!!

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Mindfulness in Islam (al-muraqabah) is a conscious state of comprehensive awareness of Allah and our inner states in relation to Him.
In its complete form, it is the highest spiritual state attainable—the perfect realization of excellence in faith (al-ihsan).
Modern science has demonstrated the efficacy of mindfulness exercises in procuring several health and wellness benefits, even in a non-religious context.
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