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Parenting and Family 

Helping families to create positive behavior change!! Specializing in children with special needs.

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Behavior Basics

A short course on the “why” challenging of behavior

Does your child display challenging behaviors and you dont know why?  Does he/she tantrum often? 

I have developed a presentation that will provide  you with  information on the basic functions of behavior, the “ABC’s” of behavior change, and provide some useful strategies to support more appropriate behavior.

Specializing in children with special needs. 

Watch in the convenience of your home at your leisure.

Cost of course: $50.00

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Free initial consultation

Determine your needs

  • No obligation, in-person or video conference with parent/caregiver to gather information regarding needs

  • Review of parent/caregiver questionnaire/interview

  • Plan for next steps to help family with behavior change

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Parent/family consultation

Supporting positive behavior for children/behavioral consultation

  • Live (video) consultation with parent/caregiver and child to observe behavioral challenges/parent guidance and training on strategies

  • Functional Analysis/Behavior Assessment of challenging behavior

  • Functional Communication Training

  • Review of current successes and challenges

  • Provide strategies/feedback regarding behavior change

  • IEP review/PPT preparation

  • Sessions are typically 1.0 hours (45 minutes session and 15 minute wrap up/next steps. They can run longer based on current need. 


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Kids with Capes

We can help you to:

  • Reduce your child’s challenging behavior by helping you to identify the function of your child’s behavior.

  • Increase your child’s functional communication skills.

  • Increase  your child’s appropriate play skills.

  • Help other family members understand the “why” of your child’s behavior.

Sakinah Solutions, LLC always encourages our families to look at the best of role models, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW).  Who better for Muslims to look to as a role model than the one whose every step and every breath pleased God?

The Prophet Muhammad (may the blessings and peace of God be upon him) led a life Muslims across generations and countries try to exemplify in many spheres of life from the food we eat, our spiritual health and relation ship with God, and our relationship with our children and family. He showed immense kindness and tenderness towards children.

As parents, we follow his model and raise our children with kindness and tenderness. We also know that parenting can be very frustrating and exhausting if we have a child who presents with challenging behavior.

Does your child present with behaviors that frustrate you as a parent? 

Behaviors such as hitting, kicking, screaming and crying, biting, throwing things, never following your directions, or other “tantrum” behaviors?

Sakinah Solutions, LLC can help you to understand the “why” of your child’s behavior.

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Behavior Change Can Happen!!


Children, with and without ​disabilities, often display behaviors that we find embarrassing, and even physically and emotionally exhausting. 

However, if we know the reason for those behaviors, we can support the child in learning more appropriate behavior (more appropriate ways to communicate wants and needs). 

It takes some hard work and we need to change how we react to situations, but all of that hard work pays off! 

And, making these changes will help your child be successful as he/she continues to grow and develop.

Let Sakinah Solutions help you!

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