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Hijama Session

  • 45 minutes
  • 100+

Service Description

Hijama works by creating a negative pressure (using a suction pump and cup) in the area applied, thereafter, small superficial incisions are made on the skin and the cup is reapplied. It works as an effective pain relief and removes stagnant blood from beneath the surface of the skin. Thus helping to relieve pain and reduce congestion. It works in the opposite way to massage therapy, because during massage a great deal of pressure is applied to the surface of the skin, but the result of both therapies are the same. Hijama therapy is not painful, the strongest vacuum may feel like a pinch of the skin. Some of the advantages of Hijama: ​ Helps remove congestion Increases blood circulation and boosts the immune system A natural pain relief Creates a negative pressure on the applied area, therefore relieving pain and pressure Strengthens the memory Removes impurities, toxins and other harmful pathogens from beneath the skin Helps against poisonous bites and stings Aids psychological disorders including depression, stress etc. Promotes general well being Can help to remove inflammation from joints Stimulates the organs Works as a deep tissue massage and strengthens muscle tissue Energizes the body Aids the digestive system Increases metabolism Hijama treatments can focus on specific ailments such as (but not limited to) asthma, high blood pressure, skin conditions, migraines, and help support lymphatic drainage. Cupping affects tissue up to 4 inches deep into the skin and muscle layers ​

Contact Details

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