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Results Focused Life Coaching


 With Life Coaching You Will Discover What is Truly Important To You!


Put Balance Back in  Your Life!

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What is Life Coaching?

Think of Life Coaching as a training system and your life coach as a support who will help you to unlock hidden blocks and limiting beliefs that are road blocks to individual success. It does for your mind and spiritual health what a personal trainer does for your body.


Life coaching can support you in harmonizing and balancing your life. In this present world, we go through many stages and experience a range of negative emotions such as guilt, resentment, insecurity, or unfulfillment that really prevents us from moving forward in both our personal and professional lives. Life coaching helps you to discover your true personal values and taylor your life around what is important to YOU. 

We often go through life, on auto pilot, without really stopping and defining ourselves and our values and beliefs. When this happens, we lose ourselves and settle for less than what we can truly achieve. We feel as if we are stuck in a rut with no way to move forward. 

Life Coaching can help you to assess your current situation, help you to discover hidden mental blocks, and help you to set goals that revolve around your true values!  This will inspire you to reshape your life around what matters to you most and make your life less stressful and much more peaceful, inshaAllah. 

My Results Focused Life Coaching is strictly for women who want to gain a more focused lifestyle that includes prioritizing and setting manageable goals that will foster tranquility and accomplishment, insha’Allah. My coaching also focuses on addressing thoughts and patterns that are preventing us from reaching our goals using behaviorally based ACT strategies (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). Sakinah Solutions caters to both Muslim and non-Muslim women. Spirituality is key to success! 

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Results Focused Life Coach Sessions: Pay per session or choose

an optional cost effective “paid in full” plan. Other payment plans available based on individual need. 

Average length of coaching program: 12-14 sessions. (Individual duration varies)

To schedule a free initial consultation to see if Results Focused Life Coaching is for you, or to book a coaching session, email:

What’s your story?

Let me help you discover it.

Bridge into the Woods

God has a plan for you, and you can choose your path along the journey.  

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